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 True / False

IA 01  A user is not responsible for protecting information not authorized to be released for public disclosure.

IA 02  Integrity is protecting data from unauthorized modification or destruction.

IA 03  A mobile phone is more secure than a land line allowing you to discuss classified information.

IA 04  Non-repudiation ensures users cannot deny sending and/or receiving data.

IA 05  Securing Data-at-rest (DAR) is a protection strategy that includes laptop security through appropriate labeling and encrypting information.

IA 06  Unclassified information, if compromised does not run the risk of impacting the safety of DoD personnel, missions or systems.

IA 07  Passwords can be shared if necessary for a user to access and account if that account owner is unavailable.


Multiple Choice 

IA 08  IA provides for restoration of information systems by incorporating all of the following except:   Slide #2

IA 09  Both internal and external human treats can bring down a system. Which of the following represents an internal human treat?   Slide #13

IA 10  The CIP overseas the protection of the following except:

IA 11  Kendall receives an email stating that a leading computer company is giving away free computers asking her to forward the email to 20 of her closest friends what should kendall do?   Slide #22

IA 12  Evelyn receives an email stating that next wednesday has been declared a national holiday by the president of the United States what type of email could this be?   Slide #19

IA 13  Which of the following is a proper use of email in the DoD system?   Slide #22

IA 14  Agnes wants to make sure that she knows which steps to take to avoid spillage. You advise Agnes to do all of the following except?   Slide #20, 21, and 39

IA 15  Which of the following is a physical security countermeasure?   Slide #31

IA 16  Which of the following is not a physical security measure?   Slide #31

IA 17  Britney is running late for a very important video conference call When she arrives at the security door to her section a man is there struggling with his access card The man complains loudly that his access card is not working. He ask Britney for help. What should Britney do?

IA 18  According to the secure travel tips, what technology is not a secure technology?

IA 19  All are considered removable media except:   Slide #36

IA 20  Which of the following are DoD information classifications?   Slide #5

IA 21  According to the Army Best Business Practice (BBP) user-level generated passwords should be changed a minimum of every

IA 22  How frequently must all users take the information security awareness training according to Federal law?

IA 23  Availability is:

IA 24  Vulnerabilities are defined as all of the following but:   Slide #10

IA 25  Besides password complexity, passwords should be protected using which of the following means?

IA 26  All users should be alert and report all of the following BUT:

IA 27  Which of the following is NOT true of Peer tp Peer (P2P) downloads?   Slide #46

IA 28  Instant Messaging (IM) is allowed on DoD systems under what circumstances?

IA 29  Which of the following are allowable password features?

IA 30  When could the Information Operations conditions (INFOCON) have a significant impact in system availability?

IA 31  A secure password is comprised of the following except:   Slide #35

IA 32  Spear Phishing attacks commonly attempt to impersonate email from trusted entities. What security device is used in email to verify the identity of sender?   Slide #14

IA 33  Walt found a feature in his e-mail that allows him to automatically download attachments. He thinks this will give him faster access to the attachments he gets. Using this feature can:

IA 34  The only acceptable use of this list for any DoD computer asset is:

IA 35  "Spillage" happens when:   Slide #20

IA 36  Isaac needs to use his DoD workstation to do an online purchase. Which of the following is a security measure for using the internet for e-commerce?

IA 37  Which is a telecommuting guideline?

IA 38  All of the following are secure travel tips except:

IA 39  The following are good responses to identity theft except:   Slide #41

IA 40  All are an appropriate way to handle removable media and the information stored on it except:   Slide #36

IA 41  FOUO information can include the following except:   Slide #32

IA 42  Which of the following is allowed IAW AR 25-2?

IA 43  Information spillage can be prevented by:   Slide #21

IA 44  Which of the following is NOT true regarding your CAC?

IA 45  Environmental threats to information systems include all of the following except:   Slide #12

IA 46  All of the following are examples of malicious code except:   Slide #17

IA 47  What are DoD's two broad categories of information?   Slide #4

IA 48  Which human threat posses the greatest threat to DoD systems?   Slide #13

IA 49  Theo receives an email from his bank while at work The email emphatically states that he must verify his personal information immediately or his account will be closed.  He clicks the link provided in the e-mail and enters all of his information online. This an example of:   Slide #14

IA 50  All of the following is a secure measure for using a fax machine except:   Slide #34

IA 51  If your mobile computing device containing PII is lost, you must inform the following agencies within the specified time period except:   Slide #39

IA 52  Defense in depth (DiD) encompasses a physical and logical structure that requires a layering of security policies, procedures, and technology mechanisms to protect network resources, from the desktop to the enterprise, within and across the enterprise architecture. DiD element focus on the three areas?

IA 53  Commercial ISPs

IA 54  Not responding to an email requesting personal information is intended to stop which security problem?   Slide #14

IA 55  Alan receives numerous email that he thinks might be hoaxes. What source does the DoD recommend to confirm or expose potential email hoaxes?   Slide #19

IA 56  Knowing the difference between the NIPRNet and SIPRNet helps prevent:   Slide #21

IA 57  All of the following are security measures for home computer security except:   Slide #48

IA 58  What is a telecommuting guideline?   Slide #39

IA 59  Confidentiality is defined as safeguards data from being accessed by individuals with all but:   Slide #3

IA 60  To help avoid spreading malicious code it is good practice to do all but which of the following?   Slide #17

IA 61  All of the following are ensured by IA except:   Slide #3

IA 62  A threat is defined as any circumstance or event that can potentially harm an information system by all the following except:   Slide #10

IA 63  Which of the following is a good practice to avoid email viruses?   Slide #22

IA 64  During lunch Steve goes to his personal email account and views a funny video clip that his friend sent.  After lunch he notices that his workstation is slower than normal. All of the following are possible reasons for Steve's workstation being slower than normal except:   Slide #45

IA 65  All of the following are good responses to identity theft except:   Slide #41

IA 66  ActiveX is best defined as?   Slide #49

IA 67  Who is responsible for enforcing policy, guidance and training requirements, such as providing annual user awareness training, as well as implementing Assurance Vulnerability Management in the unit/Organization?

IA 68  Which of the following statements best describe IA?   Slide #2

IA 69  All of the following is a measure for preventing a social engineering attack except:   Slide #24

IA 70  Which of the following is considered a mobile computing device by the DoD?   Slide #39 All rights reserved.