Subject Area 5 > Prepare an Operation Overlay


Conditions and Standards:

Given a complete copy of the operation order (OPORD) that your unit is to execute, a commander's or a battalion operations officer's (S3) guidance (to include time available for preparation), overlay paper, tape, a map of the operational area, colored pencils (red, black, blue, green, and yellow), a No. 2 pencil, a coordinate scale, and FM 101-5-1.  Within the specified time, identified the overlay by map reference data, effective date, and purpose. The overlay contained classification markings and downgrading instructions, if applicable and distribution instructions and authentication, if distributed separately. Prepared overlay in accordance with overlay techniques outlined in FM 101?5?1, with boundaries and unit locations plotted to within 50 meters, and tactics and fire support measures to within 25 meters.


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